Faith Formation

Just as the apostles went out to spread the word, the Good News of what happened to Jesus and so to them, so we are called to be the living book of the Gospels for others to look at and understand who Jesus is.

The first step in this dynamic process of spreading the Gospel is for each of us to daily go to the Bible and read slowly, prayerfully, the Gospels.  Let the image of Jesus penetrate you; ask questions both of the story you are reading and of yourself.  And then ask how Jesus is making a difference in your life.  For this is the key to spreading the Gospel:  letting one’s actions and decisions reflect the reality of Jesus making a difference in one's life.

And, this is Good News, because it shows that the Kingdom has indeed come into our world, that to believe in Jesus, to accept and live by his message, makes me a different and better person.

To make Kingdom happen in our world, to understand our faith better, to live closer to Jesus, maybe our most basic prayer should be to daily ponder sections from the book of the Gospels. This is the necessary Step 1 if we are going to heed the call of Pope Francis and become ourselves a New Evangelization.