Becoming Catholic / RCIA


Although the process of initiation into Jesus Christ and his Church has developed over the centuries, it has always consisted of some stages of inquiry, introduction, and preparation.   In the early Church, the proclamation of the Word led to the conversion of mainly adults, whose period of instruction extended over many months.  Baptism and Confirmation normally occurred at the Easter Vigil where, after receiving these two Sacraments, they were led into the assembly of believers, celebrating and receiving the Eucharist for the first time with the local Church.  Over time, these practices were lost, and new believers' journey into the Church took many different forms. 

The Second Vatican Council called for the restoration of this process, giving it the name     "Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults" -- better known by its acronym, RCIA.

It is important to note that the RCIA is open to anyone who seeks to learn more about the Catholic faith.  No pressure to convert is exerted upon the inquirer.   One's decision to become Catholic must be taken with full understanding, with heartfelt desire and a peaceful sense that this is God's leading.

Holy Family's RCIA group meets weekly at a time and day which best accommodates the current group.

To learn more, please contact the church office, 985-839-4040, or call:

RCIA Director Eddie Boudreaux, 985-630-9997.