Pastoral and Finance Councils

Holy Family Catholic Church is a community of Catholic faithful, ordained and lay, who work together for the furthering of the mission of the Church in our area and for providing what is necessary for providing for the spiritual needs and growth of all members.  For this reason the Pastoral and Finance Councils work as vital parts of our community, assisting the Pastor and various pastoral committees in our common task.

More particularly, the purposes of our Pastoral and Finance Councils are these:

  • to work together in the building up of the Body of Christ in this parochial community;
  • to stimulate communication and dialogue between the various groups in our Parish as well as between our Parish and the larger civil community;
  • to further the apostolic formation of ourselves and the Parish we serve;
  • to provide greater effectiveness in pastoral planning and management of our temporalities.

The role of the Councils is, by Church law, advisory.  Hence, any action taken by the Councils must be ratified by the Pastor.

All parishioners in good standing are eligible for membership on these Councils, either by appointment of the Pastor or by nomination and election.