Friends of St Francis


"I wish I could help..."  If you have ever said these words to yourself, -- you can help, whatever your age, whatever your skill.

Friends of St Francis is a service organization whose aim is to bring social justice and the friendship of true charity to those in need.  For, in the "distressing disguise" of the poor, we see Christ.

The work of the Friends of St Francis is truly the Gospel message in action:

      I was hungry...     I was thirsty...     I was a stranger...     I was naked...     I was in prison...     and you cared.

Friends of St Francis is easy to join, and we'd love to have you!  No special qualifications are required, other than the desire to join with others to help those in need, for the love of God.  As Christians, we are obliged to serve others.  We can do some things alone, but often more is accomplished when we work together, providing a wider range of possibilities.

What's the commitment?

A regular meeting on the second Thursday of each month, 9:30 - 11 am.

How do I join?

A simple phone call to 985-515-2944 will put you in touch with a current member.  You can learn more, be invited to the next meeting, or simply give your contact information.  If you're at a Parish event where our members are present, just walk up and introduce yourself.  We welcome you!